If You Are Too Broke For Treatment?
We Can Help

Are you too broke for treatment? At Hemminger Law Group Westshore we can help you get the treatment you need. After a collision causing injuries, many of our clients do not have the funds to pay for the therapy they need to get well. For many of our clients, paying for chiropractic care or massage is not only an annoying thing to spend their money on, but not possible due to the usual pressures of financial life these days. 

The new and unexpected medical treatment expense is simply not in their personal budget. All too often, we hear of situations where people who are too broke for treatment don't end up getting the help they need. So, we at Hemminger Law Group Westshore, came up with a plan. We've arranged with various care providers in the Westshore and Victoria area care authority to pay so you can get the treatment you need. These treatments can include chiropractic or massage care.

Please ask one of our lawyers or helpful support staff about it. 

If You Are Too Broke for Treatment, We Have a Plan!

For example, we have an arrangement with Dr. Sandhu and his team at Aria, Health and Wellness Clinic. At Aria they do chiropractic and massage therapy.  We have an arrangement where they don’t get paid until you get paid.

For those clients who reside in the Westshore and Langford area we have the same kind of arrangements with other service providers including John Vedova at Chiropractic for Life.

Because the clinics we deal with are clinics that care deeply about our clients and their healing, we knew this would be a great way to assist our clients as their personal injury lawyers. 

The truth is that some people can't afford treatment in advance of settling their ICBC claim or other personal injury claim. This is a particular problem for our clients when their very health and healing is dependent upon them getting the care they need. 

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A Case Example from Hemminger Law Group Westshore

We had a client. We will call him Michael. Michael worked in the hospitality industry in a restaurant and was rear-ended while at a stoplight in his smart car. He suffered significant whiplash injuries. As a result of this accident he was in excruciating pain. Because Michael worked in a restaurant and was still a student at the University of Victoria, he was unable to come up with the payment for the chiropractic fees or user fees for his necessary chiropractic treatment. 

As his personal injury lawyers, we at Hemminger Law Group were able to assist him. Michael entered into an agreement with one of our chiropractor contacts, Aria Health & Wellness Clinic.

Aria Health and Wellness Clinic entered into an agreement with us and our client that when Michael got paid on his personal injury claim, the chiropractor got paid. Aria was happy to help Michael. We were happy to help Michael. Michael was happy to be helped. 

Michael was able to heal faster from his personal injury. It is now sometime later and Michael’s claim was settled prior to there being a trial. The chiropractor was paid at the time of settlement. 

This is what Michael said about the Aria Health & Wellness Clinic:  

"I am so very relieved. He (Dr. Sandhu) was awesome and took the time to hear what my injuries were about and his treatment really helped with the pain."

We are adding great new health providers to our list all the time. Please notify us if you are too broke for treatment.

By Val Hemminger, Personal Injury lawyer at Hemminger Law Group Westshore.

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