Starting March 31, 2020 Get your Will done at a reduced cost!

We are here to help you during this COVID-19 terribleness. 

You can meet your lawyer virtually! 

Hang in there, Langford. 

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Reducing Your Worry During this Time. We are running a special at a reduced cost starting March 31, 2020 for one week only!

Reduced cost to get your affairs in order!

Has this rotten COVID 19 scare made you think about needing your will to get done. Yeah, us too. If you are thinking you would feel better if you got your will done, we are here to help with that. Phone us at 250-220-8686. We can take your will instructions and can get your will prepared so it is valid!

$499 for a straight forward will. 

The Complete Package:  $799 - for your straight forward will, power of attorney, and health directive 

(Other prices apply for trust instruments)

If you are looking for a lawyer you have come to the right place.

Seriously, we are good at this stuff. Really good.

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