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"You have invested in me and my family more than I could have asked for or expected."

"Your dedication and generosity has impacted me and will always serve as a reminder of the good in the legal world."

"You all stepped up to the plate and provided me the most exceptional support during some of the lowest points in my life."

"You have blown my mind with your graciousness. I am so thankful at your diligent, clean, and top notch work.”

March 2019 Media Matter:

We would like to acknowledge everyone who has weighed in on the recent news involving Hemminger Law Group Westshore. This has been a painful experience for everyone involved.

Our firm loves dogs and we strongly believe in the care and welfare of all animals.

What happened last year was very tragic and all of us at Hemminger Law Group shared in Ms. Skinner’s grief in the loss of her beloved companion.

We have full faith and confidence in the legal process now underway as we look forward to a determination based on the facts. We look forward to all aspects of this matter coming to light. 

- Val Hemminger, owner and founder of Hemminger Law Group Westshore

We call ourselves "More Than Your Ordinary Law Firm" because to our clients, we are much more than a law firm.

Not only do we have highly trained staff that work hard hand in hand with your lawyer to see your matter resolved efficiently and effectively, we do way more than that. We deeply care about our clients and their success. We want you to succeed not only with respect to your legal problem, but also in your life.

If you are looking for a lawyer you have come to the right place.

Seriously, we are good at this stuff. Really good.

Oh, and did we mention? We love dogs. 

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And By The Way . . . 
This is one of our dogs. Her name is Inu.