Why Your Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Help 

If you have had a bicycle accident, you may wish to hire a bicycle accident lawyer. 

Victoria is a city for cyclists. Many believe that the percentage of bicycle commuters in Victoria far outweigh those in other Canadian cities. This is due to our relatively short commute distances, our relatively flat terrain, and our relatively mild climate. Also, riding a bike is really fun, isn't it?

Do you ever notice that on the Galloping Goose bicycle trail that there is full-on rush hour traffic?! 

Commuting to work or school by bicycle is an awesome way to start the day. It is hard, even after a short commute to arrive at work without a smile on our faces. 

There are also bicycle lanes on many roads, great places to lock up bicycles, and many employers even have shower facilities

It is awesome. Yet at the same time, when there are so many cyclists there can also be bicycle accidents. Which is why we are here, your More Than Ordinary Law firm.

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The Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The thing is that because our city has both bicycle commuters and car commuters, there can be problems when sharing the roadway. Bikes and cars can crash into each other. When they do, cyclists can and do get hurt.

I have been hit by a car while riding my bicycle. This caused a concussion and broken ribs. I have also hit a pothole in the dark causing me to spill over on my bicycle. Another concussion and set of broken ribs thank you very much. Thank goodness I was wearing a helmet . . . 

Although riding defensively on your bicycle is very important, sometimes collisions are difficult to avoid. Sometimes drivers are not paying enough attention to see cyclists and accidents happen. Sometimes a driver may be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, sometimes a driver disobeys a traffic signal, sometimes a driver fails to stop before turning right on a red at an intersection, speeds, or just does not even see the cyclist.

Others are caused when the roads are not in the state of repair a cyclist expects or a passenger of a parked car opens a car door without looking to see an approaching cyclist.

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By Val Hemminger, Injury Law lawyer at Hemminger Law Group Westshore

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