Your Motorcycle Accident Claim:  When You Get Hit Anyways  

Motor cycle accident claims happen and often riders get a bad wrap. This is what we know.  Motorcycles are a very popular form of transportation in Victoria and South Vancouver Island.

We like to ride motorcycles (or scooters) because of our relatively mild climate (that is, compared to the rest of Canada) and the fact that motorcycles are a relatively inexpensive form of transportation. Most importantly, however, is that riding motorcycles (and scooters) is ridiculously fun. 

Anyone who rides a motorcycle or scooter will tell you about the sense of freedom and pleasure riding provides. 

Yet, as in with many things that are totally awesome, there is a risk associated with motorcycle riding and that is the risk of collision. Although a rider can take a motorcycle safety course, the problem is that many drivers in cars or trucks just do not see motorcycles and their riders. Things get particularly nasty when it is raining or dark. In other situations, a road that is not well maintained may cause a rider to potentially lose control. 

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Avoiding Motorcycle Accident Claims by Riding Defensively

Most motorbike riders attempt to avoid getting hit by another vehicle by riding defensively and wearing reflective gear. Sometimes, however, despite all best efforts, a rider is hit anyways. An oncoming vehicle does not see them. 

Exacerbating the problem is the fact that when a rider is hit, their injuries can often be very serious due to the fact that they are in a collision and do not have the protection of a motor vehicle around them. This is why motorcycle accident claims can be so significant. 

At Hemminger Law Group Westshore, the two cases where we had clients with the most significant injuries were both motorcycle riders. In both cases, the riders were experienced and were driving defensively and despite all of that they were struck anyways. Talk about unfair.  

Let's talk about Sheldon. Sheldon is a great rider. He rides defensively, has reflective gear, and knows how to handle his bike. One early evening, on the way home from work, Sheldon was heading up the Colwood crawl. Unfortunately for Sheldon, Brenda, who was having a frazzled day, was leaving the Burger King parking lot just as Sheldon's bike was in front of her. Brenda was edgy and hungry. Just as Brenda was about to pull out onto the Colwood crawl, she looked at her phone because it had beeped with a text coming in. Before anyone knew it, Brenda's car collided into Sheldon and Sheldon had a motorcycle accident claim.

By Val Hemminger, who used to be seen quite often on a very pink scooter!

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