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ICBC Caps Will Hurt Our Community

ICBC Caps are bad: The rights and well-being of the citizens of Langford, Victoria, and British Columbia as a whole are under threat.

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12 Ways Not To Be A Grinch: Joint Child Custody At The Holidays

How can you, as a separated or divorced parent sharing joint child custody, make the holidays easier for your kids

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Alimony or Spousal Support: Because now that he (or she) is gone . . .

Alimony or spousal support is often a contentious issue in family law matters. Ask your lawyer about your obligation.

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Representation Agreement

Representation Agreements: Why They Matter For You and For Those You Love

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putting kids first

We all want to be good parents and do what is best for our kids. This means putting kids first.

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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney: What It Is And Why You Want One

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Parenting Stress

Parenting Stress

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Parenting Conflict

Parents often think that if they don’t have arguments in front of the children, that the kids are somehow isolated from the conflict. The truth is that children pick up on tension, and it leads to distress.

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what is family law

Family Law is all about the legal part of a separation: spousal support, child support, parenting plans, and asset and debt division.

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Parent Coordination: Helping when you have a nightmare ex

A Parent Coordinator is a trained professional who helps separated parents who are in conflict reach agreement on parenting.

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We love mediation for two big reasons: it can resolve your legal case, and it is the best trial prep.

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motorcycle accident victims

While it is true, that compared to car drivers or passengers, motorcycle accident victims are often way more vulnerable regarding injuries, the statistics may not tell the whole story.

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Your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

When you are injured, you need: More Than Your Ordinary Law Firm!

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MotorCycle Accident Claims

Although a rider can take a motorcycle safety course, the problem is that many drivers in cars or trucks just do not see motorcycles and their riders.

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Legal Proceeding

Legal Proceeding

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