Divorce and Counselling:  Because This Journey is Way Too Hard To Go Alone . . .  Why Counselling Is a Great Idea 

Divorce and counselling is something that we often talk to our clients about at Hemminger Law Group Westshore. We recommend counselling to people who are considering divorce or are going through a difficult time.

But what about when that decision is already made? Going through a divorce or separation is a hard road to haul. Even if it was you who made the decision. We think you should not go it alone.

Karen was a client of Hemminger Law Group. She has since become a clinical counsellor and offers a unique perspective in relation to counselling's benefits. She has experience with getting a divorce and counselling at the same time. She has been there. At Hemminger Law Group Westshore we often recommend counselling for our clients as it can be very helpful. 

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Divorce and Counselling:  What Karen Says it Was Like For Her Once She Made The Decision 

 A Divorced Former Client Gives Her Perspective 

Once I’d Decided … 

I remember what it was like to sit in Val’s office, not as a counsellor but as a client. I was newly single with two young children. One of my children had special needs. I wasn’t sleeping. I wasn’t eating. My heart would race every time I heard the phone ring, or checked emails. 

I knew that my choice was the right one for me but I agonized over most every aspect of it. My decision to leave my marriage had direct implications for the two people I loved most in the world: my children. My certainty in that decision was challenged several times a day. Knowing what I know now, I see the anxiety and stress I experienced not as an inadequacy on my part but rather as a reflection of a process that is by any definition … stressful and anxiety provoking.

I had the support of my parents and close friends in addition to that of my lawyer and her team. Even with these supports in place, I wasn’t at all sure that I was going to be able to cope. I finally saw a counsellor. Once I did, I wondered why I had waited for so long to do so.

She was skillful and insightful. She noticed things I didn’t. She was able to help me address the anxiety and stress I was feeling. She was my ally. She challenged me. She helped me identify what was most important to me as we discussed my goals and values.

Counselling increased my capacity for clear and direct communication in difficult and highly charged situations. Counselling helped me remain whole during an exceedingly difficult time. I encourage anyone who is engaged in a process of separation and/or divorce to consider including in your plan a few appointments with a counsellor. It will serve to support you and your efforts to obtain the best outcome for you and your family.

Karen Loucks, Clinical Counsellor

A Little More About Karen

Karen grew up Victoria, and has raised both her children here.

She obtained a Master of Counselling degree through City University here, in Victoria. She is comfortable using several approaches to counselling, and can adapt any or all of them according to the needs of the client. Her interests are broad and her approach is strengths-based.

She now runs the counselling practice of Ravensong Counselling.

Counselling areas include (but aren’t limited to!): divorce and counselling, transitions, family systems, relationships, grief – including complicated grief, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, infertility, and support for families of children with special needs. You and Karen create a customized plan specific to you, the client. 

Karen's Contact Information:

T.  (250) 477-2821