Dawn Black

What Kind of Work do you do at Hemminger Law Group Westshore?


If there is one lesson you learned as a young person that you would like to pass on to others, what would that be?

Stay in school!

What is your home town?

Powell River, BC.

What do you love most about Langford and the Westshore?

The sense of community.

Where are your top 3 favourite places and how come?

1.England - love the history.

2. The Barn - I love the horses and the goats.

3. My back yard - it's where I chill and recharge.

Outside of the legal profession, what is your passion?

My Grandchildren and my Chihuahua.

How do you deliver your more as a part of the more than your ordinary law firm family?

Timely responses to client inquiries.

Other things about Dawn:

I love to laugh and to make others laugh.