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Candy Arthur - Legal Assistant

What Kind of Work do you do at Hemminger Law Group Westshore?

I am a legal assistant working on all legal matters including family and personal injury. I am also one of the Hemminger Law Group Westshore family members likely to be answering the phone if you call. I am also the person most likely to welcome you "home" when you come and meet with us at Hemminger Law Group Westshore. 

If there is one lesson you learned as a young person that you would like to pass on to others, what would that be?

When things seem really difficult or challenging in life, we have to remember it is not the end of it. We can get through these things and learn from our experiences. I know this from my personal experience as a single parent. 

What is your home town?

I was born in Kamloops, but have lived in Victoria, since I was wee, like four or five years old.

What do you love most about Langford and the Westshore?

I grew up here, so it is my home. My friends and family live here too.  It is also where I work with my Hemminger Law Group Westshore "family." I love everything about Langford. It is friendly and upbeat. It is a great place to be. It is a great place to raise my child. 

Where are your top 3 favourite places and how come?

1. Ogden point - this is because of the beautiful view. It is a great local place to go and reconnect with oneself.

2. Botanical Beach - this place is magical. The sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean are all so beautiful and refreshing. 

3. Anywhere with my son, Arijah. He is my world and we love adventuring around Victoria and the Island making new memories.

Outside of the legal profession, what is your passion?

Besides spending time with my son, I would say sailing. I used to sail competitively in races, and now I enjoy coaching and teaching others how to do the same.

What is your spirit animal?

A chameleon because they have to adapt to their surroundings. Throughout my life I have had to adapt to different surroundings and this has made me grow.

How do you deliver your more as a part of the more than your ordinary law firm family?

By taking the time to connect personally with each client and listening to and validating what they are saying. It is the connection to the clients that is important for me. I like to welcome them into our law firm and help them understand that they are part of our created and legal "family" at Hemminger Law Group Westshore. 

Other things about Candy:

Candy graduated from Camosun College's Legal Assistant Program in 2015 and joined the Hemminger Law Group Westshore family full time in September of the same year. Candy loves her son, Arijah, and they often go on adventures around the island. They enjoy hiking, boating, and playing at the beach. Candy likes to attend concerts of (almost)  all music types. 

We are so grateful at Hemminger Law Group Westshore to have Candy (and Arijah) as part of our Hemminger Law Group Westshore family.