Are Bicycle Accidents in Langford and Victoria on the Rise?

Bicycle accidents are on the increase as more and more cyclists hit the road in the Victoria and Langford area.

More and more people are digging out their bikes and bike helmets and hitting the road for fun and their commute to work. Bicycle friendliness comes in large part to our weather, the relatively easy terrain, the Galloping Goose Trail, and thanks to the significant work of the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition.

The downside is that there are about 170 bicycle collisions on Vancouver Island each year. Because cyclists and motor vehicles share the road, it is inevitable that this does not always go well. Also, sometimes the road surface itself is not always 100 percent safe.   

Bicycle Accidents: What are the common causes?

It can happen for all kinds of reasons. A cyclist can be riding along a bike lane and without warning a parked car will open their door. Sometimes cars leave an intersection or driveway and hit a cyclist because the driver did not see them. Sometimes drivers turn right and cut off a cyclist who is riding in a bicycle lane. A driver may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol that impairs their ability to see the cyclist.

The road on which a cyclist rides may need repair and there is an unexpected rut in the road.

Kinds of Compensation

What kind of compensation can a person get from a bicycle accident? Assuming the accident is not totally their fault a cyclist involved in a such a collision may be able to get compensation much like an injured person does in a vehicle collision.These types of compensation and can include:

1. Compensation payable for medical costs;

2. Compensation payable for pain and suffering;

3. Compensation payable for wages lost as a result of the bike accident and potentially future wages lost; and

4. Compensation may be payable for loss of benefits.So, if a bike accident happens to you, you should consult a lawyer right away.

Sometimes, like when the bike accident occurred because of a pothole in the road, the limitation date to start a legal action is short.The effects of a bike accident can last for a long time. They can be serious. Walking away in one piece from a bike accident is awesome. Maybe it is not, however, the only triumph you should consider when injured. If you have injuries, there needs to be compensation.

Written by Val Hemminger, lawyer at Hemminger Law Group Westshore