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About Hemminger Law Group Westshore

What Does It Mean to Be More Than Your Ordinary Law Firm?

We are legal professionals who practice with heart. 

We have given it a lot of thought about what it means to be more than your ordinary law firm. This is what more than your ordinary law firm is about:

1. We are About Being More:

Being more than your ordinary law firm is about more in every possible way. We are about providing the more to our clients. We are about being more than just an ordinary office environment. We are nice to each other. We have fun. We do not support gossip. We believe that we are responsible for modelling good behaviour, for ourselves, for our families, and for our clients.

2. We Are About Taking Our Clients' Cases Seriously, but not Ourselves too Seriously:

While we very much take our clients' needs seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

3. We Love Dogs:

Because we love dogs, our clients will often meet one of our dogs when they come see us. Okay, well some of us at the Hemminger Law Group Westshore love dogs more than others. All of us do know, however, that the best law offices have a bit of dog fur on the furniture.

6. We Are About Winning:

There, we said it. Our clients come to us because they can expect results. We certainly do not go to court to lose. We knock it out of the park with our cases. While we cannot ever make any guarantees about results, we can certainly tell our clients (and know it is true) that they are in really great hands with their legal case when they come to us.

Who is Val Hemminger?

Val Hemminger is the owner of Hemminger Law Group Westshore. While she would like to take credit for thinking up and doing all that makes Hemminger Law Group Westshore incredible, she can only thank her team members for their support, creativity, passion and loyalty. 

Thanks to the community of Langford for having us. 

And on an unrelated note, this is Val's rat terrier named Inu. She is a loving nightmare. Quite barky. Very bossy. And we love her.