ICBC Caps Will Hurt The People In Our Community 

ICBC Caps Will Hurt Our Community and this is why. At Hemminger Law Group Westshore, we are deeply worried about the government's proposed plans and how that will affect our clients in a bad way. 

ICBC Caps:  
What is Happening and Why You Should Care

The rights and wellbeing of the citizens of Langford, Victoria, and British Columbia as a whole are under threat if the ICBC Caps bad decision is allowed to go ahead. 

The NDP has advised British Columbians that it is looking “very seriously” at capping injury claims for drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians who are injured in a collision with an automobile.  Such ICBC caps, if introduced, will limit the damages payable for pain and suffering of injured parties with devastating effects for not only the injured parties but our communities and economy as a whole. 

Just like with WCB claims (which a lot of people will agree are not very helpful for people hurt on the job), injury caps mean a “one-size-fits-all” approach to recovery for those who become injured.  Caps deny access to justice, benefit only the wealthy, unfairly harm the poor, the elderly, the retired, immigrant communities and BC’s working class. 

Claims with caps are often far less fair than the true cost of a victim’s injuries. 

ICBC Says They Are Interested in Introducing Caps because of Increased costs – yet there are other more suitable, cost saving, and economically feasible answers to this problem.

Why Does ICBC Have Money Problems?

ICBC tells us they are having money problems. They are not having money problems because they have had to pay out people's injuries on a fair basis. They are having money problems because the following big problems:  

  1. A rise in accident claims due to distracted driving;
  2. The former Liberal government inappropriately (at least in the view of Hemminger Law Group Westshore’s lawyers) siphoning off $1.3 billion dollars from ICBC’s funds to line the province’s coffers;
  3. The fact that due to how ICBC has treated accident victims historically, a lot of people don’t trust them.

What ICBC Can Do Instead to Fix Its Revenue Issues:

This is what clever people say that ICBC can do instead to fix its revenue problems: 

  1. Making our roads safer by dealing with distracted driving for reals;
  2. Directing the revenue from basic rate payers that should be going to ICBC to ICBC rather than in the general government revenue;
  3. Reducing the bureaucratic inefficiencies of the ICBC corporate entity itself. 

Why are caps not right for you, a BC Citizen? 

Injury caps mean: good drivers pay for bad drivers.

  • Injury caps weights the built-in unfairness against the poor, the elderly, the retired, immigrant communities and BC’s working class.
  • Historically and in other jurisdictions outside of BC, we know that Injury caps systems take longer, cost more, and policy holders get less to aid in their recovery if injured.
  • Injury caps do nothing to address the core issue affecting the cost of claims: the explosion of accidents caused by distracted driving. 

How do you help this disaster from happening?

At Hemminger Law Group Westshore we are joining Concerned voices in BC. 

If you interested in helping this important cause, please do this: 

  1. Learn more at  R.O.A.D. BC
  2. Notify your MLA and let them know why ICBC Caps are a bad idea and that if they want your future vote, to ensure they don't happen. 

By Hemminger Law Group Westshore